Tuesday, 22 May 2012


We had an uneventful journey to Malvern for the Quilts UK show at the Three Counties Show-ground. The van behaved itself and motored really well. The roof ventilator is staying put even though it is still only held on with gaffer tape! The weather was good on the journey up though the rain came on the second day. We were lucky as we could camp on site and had water to hand and hook ups which meant we could use the electricity. We had quite a load on board as we had made our own quilt stands and with four metal feet and four hefty eight foot poles they weren't lightweight. However the van behaved well and we travelled at a sedate 60 miles per hour sometimes even getting up to 70! It even went up the hills without grumbling! 

We were able to sit outside on the first evening and enjoy the sun. The sky was blue and all was peaceful. The next day it poured with rain!

On the way home we heard a few ominous creaks from the ventilators. Not just the back one but also the one in the middle. So this is a job we must do before our next show which is Sandown in the middle of June. 


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