Friday, 6 April 2012

Exeter Quilt Show!

We were really fortunate with the weather at Exeter. It was warm and sunny and we were able to sit outside the van and enjoy the sunshine once we'd set up the stand. We saw two buzzard type birds overhead and loads of rabbits. Also at night we heard foxes and in the morning there was the sound of a peacock in the distance. Not the most salubrious of parks but in the country! 

As can be seen from the photo below we weren't too far from the exhibition centre but far enough away that we were on our own and had fields and woods around us. 

The weather has been very dry and so this pond was dried up and muddy whereas in other years it has been a beautiful spot with wild irises. 

We followed the nature trail and had a most enjoyable walk each evening after the show. It was good to get out into the fresh air and see the sun! 

And when the sun went down we retired to the van and then to bed! Surprisingly we both slept exceptionally well! All that walking and hard work in the stand no doubt! We are very pleased with the van and so far everything is working well. Apart from the little reading lights over the bed! But that is a minor problem!  Malvern is next in the middle of May!

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