Thursday, 22 March 2012

Exeter on the horizon!

Well a week today and we will be on our way to a quilt show at Westpoint, Exeter. It is only about 100 miles from where we live so is not a long journey. We won't have to leave at the crack of dawn and will be able to take it easy on the journey; maybe even stopping for a cup of coffee! Ooh such luxury!

So a week in which to get things ready. There is already a panic on getting things finished to sell. There shouldn't be a panic on getting the van ready as most of the things we need are still in situ after Ardingly. We have repaired the things that needed repairing though we have done a Heath Robinson mend on the roof light as it was too complicated to take the module off completely and replace. We will do this sometime but not now! The guy is coming to sort out the water filler tomorrow so we should be able to fill up the water tank without difficulty. Talking to other mobile home owners they don't lock their water inlet so we won't either and then this problem won't occur in the future. I can't see this being a problem! As we don't know where we will be able to fill up we are going to travel with water in the tank. Not full but some. I know that one is advised to empty the tank before travelling to make the journey more economical on fuel but in view of the fact that we may not be able to fill up on the first day it seems sensible to have some water on board and after all it isn't an epic journey!

When the weather gets warmer we are going to have it oil sprayed underneath to help protect it. I've always done this with my cars and it has prolonged their lives before they start rusting up! It seems like a good idea!

So this weekend I shall go through the cupboards and see what is needed in the way of sustenance and start making lists! I love lists!

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