Monday, 4 June 2012

Away on a jolly!

For a change we decided to go off in the van for a small holiday over the Jubilee weekend as a change from only using it to go to shows where we were working all the time. We went up to Colliford Lake where we booked a site with the idea of doing some fishing. And it was my birthday on the Saturday June 2nd and we could have a meal in the restaurant on site. We couldn't get a hookup but we weren't too bothered as we had the auxiliary battery to get light by and we cook and heat water by gas. The first night was good and after Graeme cooked dinner we went down to the pub/restaurant to see what it was like. It was a karaoke evening! I shall say no more! What we did find out was that there was no access to the lake from the camp site which was a blow. 
The next day we walked to St Neot's which I thought was about two and a half miles. It turned out to be nearly five miles and I ended up walking nearly ten miles!!! St Neot's has a lovely church with some lovely old gravestones. Being the Jubilee weekend there were flags everywhere. 
We passed various car parks giving access to the lake but in the event we didn't do any fishing. On the Sunday we went to Lanhydrock which is a large country house just outside of Bodmin. The weather was atrocious! Rain, mist and more rain! 

Then today we came home via Inness  which is a private fishing lake. Graeme caught two trout of a good size. I took loads of pictures. The sun shone and it was a good day. So all in all a lovely relaxing weekend! And the van behaved itself the whole time! 

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