Sunday, 15 January 2012

Our first trip away!

We decided to spend the night at Stithians reservoir as we were going to be there the next morning helping to clear brambles and stuff from the footpaths. This was a working party organised by CAST fishing club of which I am the Vice Chairman! Before I met Graeme I wouldn't have known how to go about catching fish but now I am actually the Vice Chairman! Amazing! :-)

We arrived in the middle of the afternoon not wanting to have to set up camp in the dark. It was very windy and the guy in reception suggested we park face on into the wind. I'm glad he said this as the wind got stronger and developed into a full gale. The van rocked but not as badly as if we had been side on.  We hooked up the electricity and gingerly plugged in the electric hotplate. The electrician who came and sorted out our previous problems had said it would be alright but I was still anxious. However it worked and we were able to make coffee after a while. I'd forgotten how long electricity takes! But coffee and cake was very acceptable!  We then found that the two lights over the dining table didn't work. Problem number one to be sorted at a later date.  

It was exciting getting dinner and very cosy with the heater working and subdued lighting from a small lantern we had bought earlier in case the leisure battery gave up! We were into trying all our equipment! The water heating was brilliant and the shower was ace. Really powerful though not able to really enjoy it as were saving water so showers were quick! Unfortunately the loo flush didn't work but we were able to get round that with jugs of water. But that is problem number two to sort out!   

The view of the lake was exciting as with the gale force winds waves had been whipped up and we might just as well have been at sea!

Before it got dark we went for a walk round the lake which was exhilarating and very cold!

We were toasty warm in bed and it was lovely looking at the stars through the window. The van rocked in the wind and I did wonder whether we would blow over but all was well. Up early the next morning and managed to get a good breakfast. I had porage but Graeme had bacon and egg! And then we were off to do battle with the undergrowth! 

A lot of things to sort out before we go to Ardingly in ten days time. Most important is to access the gas! But it is certainly fun living like this. But would I want to do it full time?  

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