Wednesday, 25 January 2012


At the crack of dawn tomorrow we are leaving for Ardingly where we are exhibiting at the Spring Quilt show. This is a new venue for us and a long trip in the van. Nearly 298 miles from door to door. The longest trip we have done so far is about twelve miles! So an experience!

Graeme has been getting everything ready. The van is packed; we've sorted out the gas problem; the fridge is cold; the food is in; the electricity has been made to work in the lights and all in all everything should be tickety boo! It was a bit of a challenge working out where to put all the boxes of fabric and stuff so that they didn't roll around as we travelled but I think we have it sussed. I was very organised and made lists of food, clothes, stuff to sell and stuff we'd need at the show such as curtains for the stand.

So at around 6 tomorrow morning we will be off. I will write about our experiences and include photos on our return.

Wagons roll......well eventually!

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