Friday, 13 January 2012

The Joys of a Mobile Home in future to be referred to as the Van!

On December 1st last year we took control of a mobile home. A Pilote Debut 34 built in 1999. A lovely piece of equipment. We wanted a mobile home so that we could travel to shows throughout the year and save on accommodation costs. We needed to be able to transport all the fabric and stuff to  shows so a mobile home seemed the answer for living and carrying space. The Pilote is a very nicely set out piece of equipment.  It has a small loo and wash room with a separate shower! Plus it has gas hobs and grill and a small fridge powered either by gas or by the electrics.  There is an over the cab double bed and a small table and benches which also convert to a bed. All in all just what we need!

This is a view of the back of the inside with the door to the washroom at the back and the hobs and sink to the right. Below is the view of the front of the inside. The dining area is to the right. 

Below is a view of the washroom and the shower is to the right in it's own little room!

Well I drove it home from the dealers and was pleased to find that it was no worse than driving a tractor and trailer!  In fact in many ways better.  And I was chuffed to find that I could reverse it into our drive in one easy manoeuvre! Piece of cake!

And so it sat on the drive over Christmas and we did very little with it other than show interested parties over it extolling it's virtues! And then along came the new year and shows began to loom over us so we decided to get it ready and take a small trip to try it out!  This was when our idyll fell to pieces!

The first problem was when Graeme filled the tank with water and then put the pump on to try out the sink and shower. Water poured out underneath and the poor lamb cut his head getting underneath the van to try and find out why! Eventually he realised that he had not put the plug in the water tank! I wasn't there at the time so didn't have to bite my tongue!

The second problem was when he tried to access the gas locker to turn the gas on and found that the key wouldn't work. Everything had worked before we drove it away and we hadn't done anything to it in the meantime. So we took it back to the dealers who were of no help whatsoever! I was pleased to see that driving it was still no problem and the reversal into the drive was still easy peasy! We are still sans gas while we wait for a locksmith to come out and see if he can help us!

In the meantime we thought we'd use the electric mains to try out an electric hob we had. Well actually we had two and we put them both on at once!  Not surprisingly the electric blew and we were without electricity in the van (from the mains) and in the garage. As I write the electricians are working on it now. I hope when I get home from work that it will be sorted!

We are hoping to spend Saturday night away! Hope springs eternal. More on this after the event!

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